Friday, October 30, 2009

Dinner, Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It was a typical October evening, wet and dismal, but the warm chicken noodle and vegetable soup was a tremendous start to the evening!! This was followed by excellent roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, creamed potatoes and vegetables. Carrot cake provided a delicious dessert and tea/coffee rounded off the meal!!

We welcomed our guests and Muriel made a number of announcements: the next Directors' Meeting as well as the possible venue for the Christmas Luncheon on Tuesday, December 8.

Wednesday, November 4 at 7 p.m. is the date and time of the next Directors' meeting in the Auditorium of the New Westminster Public Library. Both Gino's on East Columbia Street and La Rustica on 6th Street are suggested restaurants and we hope to have a decision on November 4.

Our guest speaker this evening is Eliza Olson, President of the Burns Bog Conservation Society. Having been involved with the Society for many years, Mrs. Olson provided a knowledgeable presentation on Burns Bog, its many features, founding, ecological role, threats, and hopes for the future. In that it is the largest raised bog on the West Coast of North and South America, this 422-acre estuarine-raised peat bog is located at 15 feet above sea level in the centre and 6 feet above sea level around the edges. Conveniently located close to major roadways, Burns Bog offers tours and welcomes visitors to enjoy its solitude and beauty. We thank Mrs. Olson for taking her valuable time to visit the Canadian Club and wish her and her team of volunteers much success in achieving their goals.

The next dinner takes place on Tuesday, November 24. We are very pleased to announce that the guest speaker will be the Hon. Wally Oppal, Q.C. Another great evening in store, so again, please mark your calendars to enjoy this last dinner of 2009!

Best wishes,