Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dinner, Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We bid a fond farewell to The Olympics and Paralympics and the sense is a “return to normal” – so it is not surprising that we had a good turnout at the March 23 dinner! Thank you for attending!

Beef barley soup followed by turkey with dressing, creamed potatoes, gravy, mixed vegetables, and cranberry sauce awaited the attendees and these were delicious. The same can be said of the dessert, a vanilla cream and strawberry tart, complemented by tea or coffee… a great start to the evening!

Muriel introduced the head table, which included Councilor Bill Harper, Paul Forseth, our guest speaker Dr. Ron Clowes, and his wife. We were also pleased to welcome our latest Honorary Member, Fire Chief Tim Armstrong, to this his first dinner at the Canadian Club. We thank all our guests for attending and hope you can visit us again at future events.

Thanks too for the wonderful donations you made to the food bank, which will go a long way to helping families in need.

A reminder to the Directors that the next meeting will be Wednesday, March 31 at the home of Earl and Pauline Marshall, and we thank them for their hospitality!

Earthquakes are something we really don’t want to talk about, given the predictions that the Big One is inevitable at some time. However, we cannot dismiss them, especially in view of the recent disastrous earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. Tsunamis have also devastated many locations throughout the world and with this in mind, following dinner we adjourned to the theatre to listen to Dr. Clowes.

Such a learned man and what a carefully prepared presentation, which included clear documentation of the earth’s structure throughout the world and the many earthquakes and tsunamis that have taken place over the centuries. Here in BC we don’t have to look too far to see that we are very earthquake-prone, as has been evidenced, for example, by quakes on Vancouver Island and northern Washington State.

How prepared are you when an earthquake happens? Please visit this site for earthquake preparedness tips.

We thank Dr. Clowes for his comprehensive and well thought out presentation.

Please join us on April 27 for our next dinner, with details of the guest speaker to be announced in the coming weeks.

Best wishes,