Sunday, May 01, 2011

Dinner, Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Members and guests alike joined us for dinner this evening and we thank you for attending.

Easy seeing that summer is on the way! We began with a healthy green salad and raspberry vinaigrette dressing, followed by chicken stuffed with cheese and spinach and smothered with a cream sauce of Dijon mustard and basil, accompanied by mixed vegetables. Dessert followed – a delightful maple cake with vanilla cream icing and caramel sauce; a wonderful start to the evening!

Our head table guests were Dr. John Blatherwick and his wife Dr. Carol Blatherwick, Councillor Bill Harper, and Dr. Irwin Stewart. Among other guests were Councillor Betty McIntosh and her husband Ken and we welcomed a returning guest, Linda.

Following dinner, we adjourned to the Theatre where Councillor Bill Harper introduced Dr. Blatherwick before we viewed Dr. Blatherwick’s informative PowerPoint presentation on service medals.  Interspersed were humorous anecdotes and puns, which added levity to the occasion!

Dr. Blatherwick has extensively researched service medals and we wonder how he found time to do this, as he is such busy man, having an outstanding career in health care, which had to be so time-consuming. His presentation was colourful, well thought out and very professional, and we thank him for advising us on the variety of medals that have been awarded to Canadians through the decades, certainly since 1967 when the Order of Canada was created. Dr. Irwin Stewart thanked him for his presentation, as did all members.

A note to the Directors that the next meeting will be Thursday, May 19 at 7 p.m. at Earl’s home.

Please join us for the last dinner meeting before we break for the summer recess, on Tuesday, May 24, when Allan De Genova will speak to us on Honour House, in New Westminster – now that will surely be a meeting we will want to attend!

Thanks again for visiting and look forward to seeing you during May!

Best wishes,