Friday, March 02, 2007

Dinner: Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another lovely evening in which we enjoyed mixed garden salad, salmon – a typical BC treat - followed by apple pie a-la-mode, with tea or coffee ...delicious!

We welcome five new members to the Canadian Club: Jack (JI) Paul and Maureen, and Al and Marie. Thank you; we hope you enjoy your membership and look forward to seeing you at future dinners!

Maureen, VP Public Relations, was asked to speak on the web site and its progress, and Percy advised that he is looking into venues for the June get-together and will keep us advised throughout the coming months.

Muriel indicated that the next Directors’ meeting of Tuesday, March 6, will take place in the Auditorium of the Library (not the Plaskett Room). Due to changes being considered by the Library, the directors will decide whether or not to meet on a Monday or Wednesday evening. The Calendar of Events will be updated accordingly.

The Royal City Musical Theatre will present 42nd Street during April. Please check the links for the RCMT for more information on this highly acclaimed and tap dancing musical!

Paul Forseth introduced our Guest Speaker: Professor Gary Mauser, who delivered an informative and attractive presentation outlining his personal background and interest in law enforcement, particularly gun control. An enlightening display of statistics and demographics showed the variance in members of the public who own guns and their usage. Interspersed with humour, Professor Mauser is a professional who knows his facts and presents them energetically and with conviction. Thank you so much!

Do join us for our next Dinner on Tuesday, March 27, when Carl Nepstad will be our guest speaker.

Best wishes,