Friday, March 30, 2007

Dinner, Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A great turnout this evening included our welcome guests Councillors Calvin Donnelly, Bill Harper and Lorrie Williams. We were pleased to see Frances, sister to Pauline and Earl visiting from Calgary, Mr. Nepstad, Gerry who accompanied John and Lois, and Jeff and Daisy. Many thanks for attending and glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves!

Reverend Will Hubbard, Chaplain, Royal New Westminster Regiment, offered the Grace, and also made a beautiful speech recognizing Freda and her dedication to many causes.

Our delightful dinner this evening was Russian Borscht followed by Chicken Kiev, potatoes and vegetables, and topped off with blueberry and raspberry crumble a la mode!

Earl read a Thank You from Douglas College for the $1,000 scholarship donation from The Canadian Club of New Westminster and the Fraser Valley.

Maureen spoke on possible outings in June:
1. Kilby Historic Site at Harrison Mills.

Here the luncheon will be about $10, the tour (highly recommended) $7, and transportation about $20 per person. So for about $40 this tour seems quite reasonable!

2. Skagit Valley Casino, Exit 236 on I5.

This tour will be about $15 or $20 per person depending on your preferences, and includes return transportation, lunch and gambling vouchers. If you choose not to gamble and wish to take a side tour to go shopping in the local factory outlets, the cost is $20 and requires a large number of the group. They will do not a side trip for a small number of people.

As well, you should ensure that you have medical coverage for the day, and to go down to the States you will need preferably a current passport, or driver’s license and birth certificate.

These and other possible outings will be discussed in the coming weeks.

Our guest speaker this evening was Carl Nepstad, Chief, New Westminster Fire and Rescue Service. What an entertaining, informative and in-depth presentation from Carl. His talk and presentation were very impressive and we can be proud of the firefighters who work to keep our city safe and secure. Thank you so much Carl; you did an excellent job!

Do join us on Tuesday, April 24 when our guest speaker will be Jack McGee, President of the Justice Institute of B.C.

Thanks, and may you enjoy the Blessings of Easter!
Best wishes, Maureen