Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dinner, Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vegetable barley soup, chicken florentine with wild rice and vegetables, followed by cheesecake and blackberries comprised the delicious cuisine for this evening's dinner! Well attended with our special guest speaker and visiting guests, this proved to be a delightful evening, enjoyed by all!

Chief Constable Lorne Zapotichny of New Westminster Police Services eloquently introduced our guest speaker, Mayor Wayne Wright, who treated us to an informative description of the progress of current and future plans for New Westminster. Mayor Wright explained in detail without a PowerPoint presentation and only using infrequent notes just how much the City is progressing and meeting objectives. We thank His Worship for his diligence and focus, and really enjoyed his visit to the Canadian Club.

Carl Nepstad, Director of Fire and Rescue Services, humorously thanked the Mayor and presented him with a plaque; a wonderful and enlightening evening shared by all!

The Board of Directors next meets in the Plaskett Room on Wednesday, March 5, and one of the topics on the agenda will be the proposed trip in June - so if you have any ideas, please let us know!

Our next dinner will be held on Tuesday, March 25, and the guest speaker will be Karen Baker-MacGrotty, who will speak on the 2010 Olympics and the Spirit of BC. An interesting evening indeed, and we hope you can join us!!

Best wishes,