Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dinner, Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A rainy and cool evening, we were warmed with another delicious meal! Cream of chicken and vegetable soup, followed by ham, scalloped potatoes au gratin and vegetables, were all rounded off with a dessert of blueberry crumble and ice cream!!!

We welcomed our guest speaker Lt. Col. Karen Baker-MacGrotty, who is the Vice-Chair of the New Westminster Spirit of BC to support the 2010 Olympics. After dinner we met in the Theatre to listen to Karen and watch her excellent presentation. Very well delivered and eloquent, Karen led us through PowerPoint slides outlining the composition of the teams who are working to ensure that the 2010 Olympics meet goals and keep to budget before, during and after February, 2010!! Well-informed and esthetically pleasing, we all enjoyed her presentation and admire the enormous effort she employs in this and the many other roles she has been elected to perform. Thank you Karen on a job well done!

Please join us next month on Tuesday, April 22nd, when author and businessman Peter Legge will be the guest speaker!

In June we hope to have our day out, so if you have any preferences on where you would like to visit, please talk to Norma and Maureen.

See you on April 22nd!

Best wishes,